After Sales Support

For all inquiries regarding recent non-bulk purchases please contact us at, or call us at (877)450-0718.

Bulk Purchases

J-Cellular maintains a large network of vendors,a nd partners which allows us access to almost any cell phone model avaiilble on the market. If your company is looking for a reliable source of used or refurbished devices, contact one of our sales associates at

Repair Stock

For refurbishing comapnies, J-Cellular is an ideal partner. We have regular access to salvage-grade handsets. The majority of repair stock inventory can be easily repaired and restored to fully functional condition at minimal cost.


Through our network of vendors and recyling partners, we acquire consumer trade-ins. unwanted devices, and end of life devices.

Test / Repair

All devices are tested to ensure they are fully functional and ready for a new owner. Phones that are non functional are repaired, or resold to our wholesale clients. Devices that are beyond economical repair are shipped to an R2 Certified Recylcing facility to be dissasembled and responsibly recyled.


All devices that have passed our quality controll tests are then cleaned,disinfected and sorted by cosmetic ondition .Devices are then resold through our marketplace partners, or sold in bulk to our wholesale clients.